A 24/7 receptionist service that attends to your customer calls and more.

Just like a real receptionist, we're here to transfer calls, manage bookings and schedule appointments.

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Calls answered and handled
professionally from start to finish.

Calls answered and handled professionally from start to finish.

Our virtual receptionist service is a bespoke professional answering service designed to handle more than just basic phone answering and message taking.

Trained operators answer in your business name and sort out simple requests over the phone. These include answering questions, booking appointments, and transferring calls to you if you're available to speak with your caller.

A virtual receptionist offers the same benefits similar to hiring an in-house receptionist—all while enjoying the flexibility of remote support. It's a great and cost-effective alternative to full-time front desk staff. Make a great impression with your callers while making sure no calls go unattended.

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Virtual Receptionist explained

Virtual receptionist explained

Features of virtual receptionist service

Make the most out of each conversation.

Complex scripts, questions, and responses

Create custom scripts, responses, or web forms and add more questions as needed. Our virtual receptionists ensure that your business appears and sounds professional each time a customer calls.

Book appointments and schedules

Manage your schedule ahead of time and keep track of your customer’s orders or reservations. Our virtual receptionist service plots in appointments, orders, and reservations onto your calendar and informs you right away about your future commitments.

Professional Australian operators

All your calls are answered locally from our Australian based staff. We hire and train Australian professional operators to answer your business calls.

Self-managed customer portal

Managing your live phone answering service is quick and easy with a powerful self-managed portal. You can access copies of your messages, download free reports, and pay your bill—all online!

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How does a virtual receptionist service differ to other available options?


In-House Staff

Alltel 24/7 Phone Answering

Alltel Virtual Receptionist


Call transferring

Alltel 24/7 Phone Answering

After-hours/holiday availability

Overflow management

Scheduling and booking

Answer basic questions

Benefits of a virtual receptionist

Like an in-house receptionist for a fraction of the cost.

Multiple ways to respond

A virtual receptionist service offers you more ways to handle calls. In addition to taking messages and transferring calls, our phone operators are trained to answer questions or make appointments based on instructions you provide when you set up your service.

Unique call handling experience

Whether operators are taking messages or answering questions, you’ll be able to customise your script to suit your business. You can use your script to personalise the live answering process at each stage, so that your callers get an experience unique to your brand.

Cost-effective alternative

Billing is time-based, so you only pay when operators are handling your callers. You can choose to limit this to overflow calls, after-hours calls, or weekends and holidays. This way, you pay only for the services you need, when you need them.

Frequently asked questions

All your questions
about virtual receptionist
service answered.

How does a virtual receptionist work?

Our virtual receptionist service works like an in-house receptionist who handles calls. Virtual receptionist are skilled professionals who answer basic questions about your business, direct calls to the appropriate department, and screen calls as well.

How is a virtual receptionist service different from an answering service?

Our virtual receptionist service is more customised than an answering service. Instead of just answering a call and taking a message, virtual receptionists answer questions without the wait time, confusion, and frustration that result from call centres. Our virtual receptionists are well trained to stick to your business guidelines so that efficiency and professionalism are never on the line.

Is a virtual receptionist service more affordable than hiring an in-person receptionist?

Yes. In-house or on-site receptionists are expensive, and you pay even for their idle time, even when no calls come in. As for a virtual receptionist, you pay only for the service when you need it, such as when a call comes through or when you need a confirmation on a meeting with a client.

How much would the service cost?

Virtual receptionist charges fall under two types: setup and usage.

Setup covers the preparation and training involved in making sure phone operators can answer according to your specifications. There is a once-off setup fee when you start your service, while additional fees may apply when you modify your call handling script or procedures.

Usage fees, meanwhile, are time-based. You’re charged based on minutes spent handling calls, rather than the number of calls you receive.

All virtual receptionist services will be quoted on a case-by-case basis. Both setup and usage charges will vary depend on the specific training and services involved.

Leave it to a virtual receptionist to answer your caller enquiries, transfer calls or book appointments.

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