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Custom greetings and menus with Alltel voiceover recording.

Voice over services for every brand and style.

Calls are often your first point of contact with customers. And when it comes to making an impression, it’s the small things that separate the amateurs from professionals. Voice overs, telephone greetings, and IVR selection menus must provide your callers with a good first experience with your business.

Alltel’s Voiceover Recording service has a wide selection of male and female voice talents who can record your Business Intro and Voice Prompt Menus. Browse through our samples below to find the perfect voice to represent your business.

Professional voice talent

For better customisation, you have the option of having your menu recorded by our professional voice talents. Alltel has a variety of male and female voice-over professionals available, to help you find the most suitable voice to represent your business.

Female Voice: F1

Female Voice: F2

Female Voice: F4

Female Voice: F5

Female Voice: F6

Female Voice: F7

Female Voice: F8

Male Voice: M2

Male Voice: M3

Male Voice: M4

Male Voice: M5

Male Voice: M7

Male Voice: M8

Male Voice: M9

Male Voice: M10

Male Voice: M11

Male Voice: M12

Male Voice: M13

Female Voice: F2

Male Voice: M3

Expert voice over services with seasoned voice talents


The price for this professional voice over service may vary depending on the length and complexity of your recording. Please contact our Alltel business consultants for a detailed quote.