What’s all the fuss about 1300 Numbers?

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
1300 Numbers: Which Provider is Right for your Business?

You’ve probably heard the old saying that “when something seems too good to be true, it usually is.” Whoever said that had obviously never heard of 1300 numbers!

These phone numbers (also known as inbound numbers) provide “goodness” for businesses of all types and sizes at a price that even a start-up can afford.

1300 numbers for start-ups

Your inbound number rings your existing landline, VoIP or mobile phone, so you don’t need to spend money on a new phone and your private phone numbers stay private.

These numbers also encourage more customers to call. A 1300 number makes your business look a lot more professional (especially when compared with a mobile number!), so it gives callers more confidence. Plus these national phone numbers are the cost of a local call when dialled from any landline or VoIP phone in Australia.

Inbound numbers are also compatible with live phone answering services, which means you’ll never miss an important call or sales enquiry, and callers will think you’re big enough to have your own receptionist.

1300 numbers for small and medium businesses

As your business grows and you move out of your home office and into a “real” office, your inbound number moves with you. Customers can continue to stay in touch, because you keep the same phone number for the life of your business.

You can also use your number to share incoming calls between a distributed team. Use a “For Sales, Press 1; For Support, Press 2...” menu to automatically forward calls to different phone numbers in different physical locations.

And what started as a phone number is now also a useful marketing tool. Built-in reporting gives you details about your incoming calls and helps you to track your advertising campaigns to work out which ones are providing the best ROI. And 1300 numbers have been shown to increase the number of calls you receive in response to advertisements.

1300 numbers for big businesses

Once you hit the big time, it’s time to start taking advantage of power features including

  • automatically forwarding calls to the caller’s nearest office (right down to their local Telstra exchange)
  • allowing callers to choose which office they want their call routed to (right down to the local postcode)
  • extending your business hours without having to hire additional staff by automatically sending early morning calls to your east coast offices, and late afternoon calls to your West Australian offices

1300 numbers are also compatible with both in-house and hosted PBXs, and can be fully integrated into your business phone system.

The “goodness” of 1300 numbers

These numbers are ideal for any business that wants to

  • save money
  • present a professional image
  • capture more sales enquiries
  • keep one phone number for the life of your business
  • measure the ROI of marketing campaigns
  • make it easier for customers to reach you
  • extend business hours without hiring extra staff

The above is really just a long-winded way of saying that a 1300 number is ideal for any business that wants to be successful.

And with prices starting from just $10 a month, can your business afford NOT to have one?

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