Why Microsoft Teams Calling might be the phone system you need

Samuel Howieson
Samuel Howieson

Ever since the pandemic started, reliance on remote collaboration and cloud-based productivity tools has been at an all-time high. With businesses looking and planning forward for a remote-first workplace, reliance on tools like Microsoft Office or Google Workspace will only continue to soar.

This begs the question then: How will a phone system fit into all this? After all, with phone calls still making up a bulk of businesses’ inbound leads, it would be critical to find a cost effective, and seamless way to integrate a phone system with any device keep things running smoothly from anywhere.

At Alltel, we offer exactly just that. Our SmartConnect with Teams Calling plans transform your Microsoft Teams subscription into a fully featured, fully customisable hosted PBX solution.

Read on to learn more about Teams Calling, and why it might be perfect for your business’ needs.

It’s easier to connect and get things done.

There is a reason why Microsoft Office is so highly regarded among all the integrated productivity suites. Its document processing, presentation, and file sharing platforms have been around for decades, and the familiarity makes it easy for anyone to adjust to Microsoft Teams.

The in-built cloud phone dialler makes it easy for members of your team to manage their calls from the Teams app for better mobility. This allows you to create, collaborate, and connect in one location.

You can take your VoIP system anywhere.

Microsoft Teams supports Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and MacOS. This wide range of platform support means that no matter what device your team prefers to work on, they can access your business’ phone solution anywhere. An added benefit of the in-built softphone is that it removes the need to download another app that takes up more space on your device.

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Get all the best parts of a hosted phone system.

SmartConnect with Teams Calling lets you configure advanced calling features like IVRs, call flow schemes, and CRM integrations from within the SmartConnect portal, so you can enjoy all the features you’d expect from a bespoke cloud phone system.

Lower costs, same great service.

All SmartConnect plans run on Alltel’s dedicated VoIP servers, allowing for the same dedicated maintenance and security for your peace of mind. However, one of the great things about a Teams Calling plan is that because it is a cloud-exclusive service, you won’t have to worry about paying higher overhead costs.

SmartConnect with Teams Calling keeps things simple with two plan offerings that start as low as $15 per user per month.

Even more features

Once Teams Calling is activated, and your direct in-dial numbers are linked, you’ll also get access to all these other exclusive features:

  • Cloud call recording storage via OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Support for CarPlay
  • Spam caller detection
  • VoIP data saving mode

Get a bigger connection for your Teams today.

Alltel’s SmartConnect with Teams Calling offers a straightforward hosted phone solution that integrates deeply with Microsoft’s leading productivity suite. Learn more about this service by visiting the product page. You may also chat us at alltel.com.au or call us at 1300 255 835.

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